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Released! 15% off! Get it while it's hot! (And let me know of any bugs or issues you fine in the community forums) Thank you everyone for your support!...
death... has impact
lot's of tiny fixes, some bugs no-one ever mentioned too. a lot of them had to do with coop playing and dying and such. guess that's an issue when developing a...
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a few tweaks after feedback
Was given the opportunity to participate at two great indie events during the last Golden Week: Konami's IGC 2023 and Polyscape's cafe IGD's tokyo. Both were in...
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Golden Week Demo
Demo updated with some minor bugfixes, QoL, effect tweaking and a more! Got a lot of good feedback from a two great events:
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more effects! more enemies! more stuttering!
Demo updated with more effects, animations and other things that improve the way the game state is informed to the player! But it can cause stuttering on the ht...
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QoL, bug squashing and a updated demo on the Browser
Updated the demo with QoL changes, camera tweaks, hitboxes, etc. If you didn't like the level of jank from the previous demo, please give it a go!...
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